Tip To Choose The Suitable Bedding According To FengShui

The bedroom is an important room where contains family love. This is a first place your baby growing up and eating and sleeping…it contains very many memory of the love, hugging and the stories that you tell to your children before sleeping.

Moreover, the bedroom is a relaxing place for every in your family. After working day you and husband can rest to charging energy for tomorrow. And your children can have nice dream in the every night with imagining your fairy stories.

Therefore you want to take the best things for this room, which bring the better sleep for your family. It ensures that the bedroom furniture was indispensable. The choice of the bedroom furniture has fit color to your hobby and suitable to the FengShui, which balances the mutual support and the opposition. Let’s follow this article.

  1. Why Need You Choose The Suitable Color

If you are finding the bedroom furniture for decorating and improving your bedroom and changing bedroom space, so you don’t ignore the color that is an important factor to create harmony in the house. This is a factor that makes a cozy atmosphere and warm affection for family members.

Beside, following the FengShui, the color is serious, because the color effects to balance a yin – a yang. If you have a little knowledge about the FengShui, you can understand that when we are able to balance a yin and a yang, everything will become better for you and every member.

The FengShui divides the life environment into five factors: Metal, wood, water, fire, earth. Every factor has suitable color gamut and inappropriate color gamut. So choice of the color is very important that is suitable your fate and your age.

The bedroom furniture doesn’t only bring your nice sleep with the soft and comfortable, but it also balance different of FengShui factors for the best things in your life.

  1. Ways To Choose The Bedding According To FengShui

We have a principle that: choosing the appropriate things more and more. However, you can combine the different colors that are mutual support together. But the first you need to understand about the FengShui color clearly.

Fate Mutual support harmony conflict
Metal Yellow, brown White, grey, Red, pink, purple, green
Wood Black, blue green Yellow, brown, white, grey
Water White, grey Black, blue Red, pink, purple, yellow, brown
Fire Green Red, pink, purple White, grey, black, blue
Earth Red, pink, purple Yellow, brown Black, blue, green

  • Your Fate Is Metal:

You can combine to yellow, white, so you should buy the bedroom furniture that is white or yellow. These are two popular colors in the furniture such as: blanket, pillows or the cabinet. You can be easy to find them at many the bedroom furniture stores.

And you should avoid the conflicting color such as: red, pink, that is considered a symbol for fire fate. The metal is conflict to the fire, the fire is able to destroy the metal. So you opt for different color to these colors.

  • Your Fate Is Wood:

If your fate is the wood, the color symbol is green and you are very suitable to the things that are black and blue. These colors are able to bring happiness, comfort, relaxing with black and blue bedroom furniture. Of course you had better not use the mattress or pillow or blanket that are white and yellow, which symbolize the metal. The metal can destroy the wood.

  • Your Fate Is Water:

The black and blue colors symbolize the water, so you are able to choose everything in your bedroom with two colors for decorating your room. The suitable color will bring comfort and peace in your mind and you can have deep sleeps.

In the other hands you can combine the harmony color in your decoration such as using the furniture with white and grey things. And you don’t forget to avoid yellow and brown that represents the earth. There is earth so there isn’t water.

  • Your Fate Is Fire:

Red, pink and purple is represented for the fire, the mutual supporting color of the fire is green. So you can choose any thing that brings the red, pink and green. The wood is symbolized by a green thing, the wood is a material for fire. You should pay attention to ignore the black furniture and any blue things.

  • Your Fate Is Earth

The earth is appropriate to red, pink, brown, and yellow. You can select everything that is brown and yellow that symbolize for earth. These color is used in the decoration the house and the bedroom. You must avoid the blanket and the mattress with green or green vignettes.

You are comfortable because there are enough the colors for your choice.