The Popular Types Of The Mattress In The Market

In the family, today, the mattress is a necessary with our sleep. Before we use mattress in the winter but nowadays we even use them in the summer. The mattress is becoming important in our life. It helps you have deep sleeps and be comfortable, smooth and it can reduce back pain, hip pain.

The tough beds cause many bad consequences for your body with the using long time. So the manufacturers create the mattresses that we can have a better sleep and relax after a tiring day. They are designed with the appropriate subsidence level to our body. Before launching they were checked carefully.

If you are going to buy the mattress for your family, so you should know about type of the mattress before choosing. There are many type of the mattress, this sometimes cause you to get difference when buying the mattress. The following we would mention all the popular mattress types and their advantage and disadvantage.

  1. The Spring Mattress

This is the most favorite mattress now. Its characteristic has a laminated structure with many springs, so it is very smooth and its elastic capability is almost best in all kind of mattress. The spring mattress is divided into two types: the pocket spring mattress (every spring is encased in the separate cloth bags) and the associated spring mattress (springs are parallel to each other). The pocket spring mattress has higher durability, low vibration and softer than the associated spring mattress.

  • Advantage:

Because this mattress is constructed by many spring layers, it is able to lift our spine best. Although the mattress quality depends on the spring quality and the number of spring in the mattress, and the number of cloth cover and cover quality, this kind of mattress is considered the best.

The spring mattress is designed catching eye and it isn’t too heavy for movement and its price is not too expensive. You can buy a mattress with fit price completely.

  • Disadvantage:

However it has some disadvantages, when you change sleeping position, you will have to hear the sounds that is emanated from the friction of mattress and cover. So it has a few effects to your sleep.  But, nowadays the spring mattress is padded a rubber layer, laminated cotton, coconut fiber or the thick foam about 3-5 cm to create stiffness and flat when lying. It is favorite from many customers. The spring mattress is large and quite bulky that cause different for movement.

  1. The Rubber Mattress

We often know about rubber mattress from natural material. This mattress appeared a long time in the market. Nowadays, the rubber mattress has two kinds that are: the natural rubber mattress and the synthetic rubber mattress. This mattress has higher price than others.

  • Advantage:

If you lie on the rubber mattress you would feel very soft. The rubber mattress is also very durable. The rubber mattress has age about 10 – 20 years old that would be still good and not be necessary to change.

Moreover, the rubber mattress helps your backbone with straight posture even lying. It creates lifting power for your body and supports your spine the best, especial the people got backbone pain and herniated… and there are many small holes that help the mattress to become airy.

  • Disadvantage:

Because it made of natural material or of the material that is aggregated from many processes, so its price is often very expensive.  Beside they are very heavy and bulky so if you want to move it that would be very difficult. If you want to clean this mattress, you will take much time and power.

Moreover, if you don’t have any experience for choosing a rubber mattress you will be easy to buy the fake because it has high price, so there are many bad people take advantage to make fake for high profit. So you need to choose carefully when buy the rubber mattress.

  1. The Pressed Cotton Mattress

This is the mattress made of pressed cotton, it has many advantages while using.

  • Advantage:

The pressed cotton mattress creates high elasticity, no subsidence, collapse. Moreover, this mattress is airy and removes the moisture rapidly and you can wash it. The pressed cotton mattress has high flat level so you should use it to ensure the good blood circulation. Although it isn’t as soft as others, this mattress very suitable to the back pain people.

The pressed cotton mattress is designed to be able to fold so it is very useful and easy to move, you can use it for floor or bring for trip. Its price is cheaper than other’s.

  • Disadvantage:

It is not soft, so many people lying on the soft mattress they will not be suitable to the pressed cotton mattress. And it is a bit tough.

  1. The Hard Mattress

  • Advantage:

The hard mattress is made of PU (polyurethane) material. It is type of mouse that is used to make mattress. This mattress is cheaper and lighter others. The hard mattress has hard level that depends on Density index (D), D is more permeable, so the mousse is softer.

The hard mattress is softer than the pressed cotton mattress but it is the same hard to the rubber mattress, because it has a foam layer being pressed tight.

Its price is a factor that many people pay attention to, because it is the cheapest mattress on the market. It is suitable to people who have the low income.

  • Disadvantage:

It is not highly durable and easy to bog down and loses original thickness. This makes user feel not comfortable and got back pain.

In general, each kind or mattress has different advantages and disadvantages. In the other hands, when you buy the mattress you should consider to the characteristics of kinds. The prick is important but the quality and durability is more important. If you want to buy mattress for daily sleep, so you don’t regret some a little money and buy the bad mattress.