The Popular Of Kinds Of Mattress Toppers

The mattress toppers are like the mattress. They are the indispensable objects on your bed. If you have an old mattress that makes you to have back pain or hip pain a long day, you would want to change the mattress but you don’t have enough money for the best mattress. We think that you are able to instead of the mattress toppers.

It is several to the mattress, there are many kinds of mattress toppers on the market. It depends on each person’s hobby and demand to make a suitable choice of the mattress toppers. This mattress topper could be suitable to you but it was not suitable to your friends.

If you don’t understand about the mattress topper, so you should find out before buying a mattress. Today we would share to you some kinds of mattress toppers for you are able to choose a suitable mattress topper easily.

  1. The Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This mattress topper is considered like the widely used product, nowadays. The manufacturers produce the memory foam form PU or polyurethane. It is appreciated about creating soft and comfortable for user. The subsidence of memory foam mattress topper depends on the absorption rate has unit D.

The thick mattress topper creates more comfortable and softer than thin mattress topper. They have some advantage and disadvantage:

  • Advantage:

The memory foam mattress toppers bring you soft and help to improve your sleep, your back pain due to the old mattress causes.

  • Disadvantage:

Because this mattress is made of PU that is a keeping heat material, so if you use in the summer you feel hotter and uncomfortable. And it make you are difficult to change your posture on it.

The new mattress toppers sometime have unpleasant smell that brings bed effect to you when using.

  1. The Latex Foam Mattress Topper

This is a kind or mattress topper made of two materials such as: natural rubber and synthetic rubber. They have many different types: the thin or thick toppers, the hard and soft toppers.

  • Advantage:

Because the latex foam is made of rubber so it very soft and gives you smooth feeling and has supporting capability for your sleep much.

You can use it in the winter because it is made of mixing a little memory foam so it is able to keep heating. But the rubber has many holes that has role of making airy for users. They feel airy and have a deep sleep, reduce wet and mildew.

  • Disadvantage:

Some people get allergic with the rubber, this is difficult to user. Sometimes some toppers also the ugly smell when it is new.The relax foam mattress topper is the most expensive in the kinds of mattress toppers.

  1. The Feather Mattress Topper

This is a great mattress topper that creates the smoothest feeling for you. That is used many in the hotel. It is made of feathers of duck or bird…

  • Advantage:

The feather mattress topper is quite light and easy to clean or you are usually able to shake it for back their original sharp.

They are easy to clean and not take much cost. So the hotels are often using them and easy to clean when the customers check out.

  • Disadvantage:

The feather mattress creates softness but not has keeping heat ability. So you shouldn’t use them in the winter. However they bring airy feeling in the summer.

Moreover, they are different to support for you if you got some pains of your body when sleeping. Some people could get allergic to the feather.

  1. The Fiber Mattress Topper

This is made of the soft polyester fiber, if you get allergic with the feather so this mattress topper you can use to change. This is as soft as the feather mattress topper. And it often has lowest price.

You can use and be easy to clean and wash by the washing machine. Putting it under sunlight and it is easy to dry. Moreover, you can use it in the summer and winter, however you need use more in the winter to keep heating and in the summer it bring a bit warm to you at night and airy feeling when having sunlight. It helps you still soft sleeping place and protect mattress from the dusty.

  1. The Wool Mattress Topper

If you want to have warm feeling in the winter, the wool mattress topper will be great idea. It can keep warn very well. However it can be used in the summer, because it is natural fiber so there is airy capability. In the market it is an expensive product.

These above help you has general understand about the mattress toppers. They are really helpful in the bedroom and keep the mattress using long time.